Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane

The idea of consuming Lion’s Mane probably sounds pretty odd to most people. In fact, most would be extremely hesitant or even averse to try anything with the name “Lion’s Mane”. The truth is that understanding this ingredient could lessen the opposition and correct misperceptions. Originally, it begins as a large mushroom that’s white/ cream in color with long dangling spines- its’ nickname is the “hedgehog” mushroom. It tends to grow on hardwood trees and it’s, surprisingly, not too difficult to find. It is native to China, Japan, Europe, and even North America.

This description likely won’t help someone unfamiliar with holistic medicine. Put simply, it is cooked down and can be consumed in several, far less intimidating, ways than the raw mushroom, such as Four Sigmatic’s mushroom coffee, Kettle Fire’s bone broth, various soups, and supplements. It has recently gained popularity in Western holistic medicine, but it has been used as an Eastern medicinal supplement for years. The primary benefits of consumption are claimed to be memory, anxiety, depression, and supporting the nervous system. Limited research has been done to prove Lion’s Mane as a trustworthy medicinal treatment for serious medical conditions. However, there is a reason to believe this ingredient could prove to be beneficial when consumed for mild or precautionary symptoms.

Mental Stamina

Lion’s Mane is said to stimulate the NGF, or “nerve growth factor.” This is what helps the brain both process and transmit information. This can greatly increase focus, memory, and concentration, which are critical to just about anyone. Older individuals fighting Alzheimer’s, Dementia or general memory loss could take this supplement with the hope of stronger NGF support and improved brain function. Additionally, a hard-working student who lives a healthy lifestyle may consider taking this supplement to stay focused during hours of homework and testing.

Anxiety and Depression

The number of Americans who struggle with anxiety and depression is unbelievable. These conditions plague the lives of so many from young teens to older adults. There are numerous theories about how these conditions begin, but we do know they are directly linked to the nervous system. Problems with anxiety are said to be present in nearly 40 million Americans from the age of 18 and older. Similarly, nearly 16 million experience the effects of depression. Many of these people report feelings of irritation and fear. The overall internal balance of their body seems off, and nothing seems to help fix it. Amazingly, the NGF can reduce these feelings and even level out the extreme lows reported with depression.

Lion’s Mane is gaining momentum in the health community, and it is exciting to think this may help remedy cognitive functions that plague so many people. As always, serious conditions should be addressed by a doctor. People interested in taking any supplement should talk to a doctor about possible side effects when paired with other medications. If you are interested in creating a supplement that includes Lion’s Mane for your company, call us today!

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