Healthy Energy

Healthy Energy

People live with high stress, lots of coffee, and little sleep. Men, women, college students, and even high school teens experience an overwhelming amount of stress in their lives. Instead of letting go or making changes, we supplement sleep with caffeine, and we keep running harder and faster.

Our bodies can, and will, max out if we’re not careful. This cycle is not healthy, and the body will not maintain itself without proper care and attention. The following steps promise to keep you moving and working in a healthy way.


If the antagonist is stress, then the protagonist is good sleep. Most people would be shocked to hear that we should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night. For most, this concept is a joke. Sleep is considered wasted time because nothing is accomplished. However, the lack of sleep can actually end up slowing you down because you get sluggish, unfocused, and careless.


Water is another simple cure for a multitude of issues. Drinking 64 ounces of water daily increases energy, reduces headaches, flushes out toxins, and boosts the immune system. Even more, coffee is a diuretic (meaning it dehydrates your body) so it’s even more important to drink enough water so that you are replenishing what’s lost.


Health food stores carry dozens of options that promise increased energy, good mood, pointed focus, and the likes. It can be hard to believe that an “all natural” supplement made from plants and vitamins would make any difference to our energy. The amazing thing is that when paired with good sleep and a healthy water intake- these vitamins really do come with promise! They are carefully crafted to release the right amount of natural energy so that your body steadily maintains it throughout the day.


If you start your day with stress and anxiety, then your hormonal (men and women) balance will be thrown off. Your body is set into “survival mode”, and continues in this state throughout the day. It is a constant state of feeling anxiety and pressure mentally, physically, and emotionally. This state is not healthy or sustainable. However, if you start your day with at least 10 minutes of stillness then you can set yourself up for a more sustainable focused energy throughout the day. One that comes from genuine confidence, strength, and stability. This practice has greater power than “survival mode”.

If you want more energy, maybe hesitate before drinking another coffee. Think first about the entire mind-body balance and the state of health you’re in. Pursue things that don’t just treat symptoms, but really address the root of the issue. Sleep, water, natural supplements, and stillness are simple additions that can create a much healthier space for extra energy.

Lastly, ingredients, dosage information and quality labels on supplements matter. GMP uses the highest quality ingredients (all purchased from suppliers who are licensed and insured to sell in the United States) to create products that people want and need. If you have an interest in selling an energy or a focus supplement, then feel free to reach out! We would be more than happy to work with you in creating the perfect formula for your clients!

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