Turmeric has been used almost 4000 years in Indian culture for cooking and religious ceremonies. Similar to so many other nature-made-ingredients, turmeric has active components that can help alleviate common ailments. It is a root that is typically consumed in the form of powder and it’s in the same family as ginger, another root that has strong benefits. Both have recently made serious waves in the wellness and fitness community and are commonly found in coffee shops, juice bars, and holistic medical centers.

The main component that makes turmeric so powerful is curcumin – a compound found in this plant and that amounts for nearly 3% of its weight. Turmeric supplements contain a concentrated powder form of the root and therefore are guaranteed to have a stronger effect than the small addition added to food or drinks. The intense amount of turmeric consumed through a supplement is great for someone with acute ailments. However, if you interested in simply adding it to your diet, there is a caveat. Curcumin is drastically better absorbed with black pepper (I am talking 2000% better), thanks to the compound called piperine that naturally occurs in black pepper.

So what are the proven benefits of curcumin and turmeric, exactly? It’s difficult to cover all of them, and it is difficult to choose the ones that are the most important, so let’s list some that have been researched most extensively.

Inflammation & Pain:

Inflammation is a widespread occurrence throughout the body, and chronic inflammation can be very harmful. When chronic, it can cause dysfunction in the gut, joints, and organs. Wherever it is, consistent inflammation is very uncomfortable and painful. Curcumin is naturally anti-inflammatory and has been known to work powerfully throughout the body. Turmeric may help reduce the agony of chronic inflammation, especially caused by arthritis.

Heart disease:

It is said that heart disease is the number one cause of death in America. Endothelial dysfunction is where heart disease starts as it stops being able to regulate your blood pressure and prevent blood clotting. Turmeric has been studied and could be effective in helping this function. Additionally, heart disease could be controlled by reducing inflammation, and inflammation is the number one recorded benefit of turmeric.


Most studies found that curcumin reduces symptoms of depression in patients already taking antidepressants. That means less money spent on medication due to the lower doses of antidepressants, and more importantly, fewer side effects.

Alzheimer’s disease:

Without overcomplicating, there is no completely effective treatment against Alzheimer’s disease. That being said, prevention against it is paramount. Turmeric could give us a fighting chance by crossing the blood-brain barrier and reducing inflammation and oxidative damage.

The list does not end there. There are so many studies showing just how beneficial turmeric and turmeric supplements may be in the prevention and treatment of various diseases, bringing us closer to realizing the full potential of this marvelous root. If you aren’t carrying it already, submit a quote for turmeric supplements or powder to us today!

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